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How we got our name

About a year after losing my best friend (my grandma) is when I decided to go ahead and start creating my own boutique. Trying to figure out a name was the hardest part because I wanted something that was personal to me and my life. After days of thinking and thinking I had landed on the two words you see today, simply spoiled. But it wasn’t until the next morning I realized that these words actually meant something so much more! When I opened Facebook there was a old post in my memories from my grandma and all she could talk about is how much she loves her grandkids and how SPOILED they were…. That’s when I instantly knew I had found the name for my boutique. Then came the butterflies included in my logo, which many of you may wonder about why I love them so much? Well the answer again would be my grandma, before she passed I asked her how I’d always know she was here and the words I got were “a purple butterfly.” So as you shop with us here at simply spoiled today just know you are shopping with a story and a dream <3

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Hey y’all ! I’m Shaylee Davis and the proud owner of simply spoiled boutique! I feel extremely blessed to have a chance to help all my fellow girlies find a style they love (in your budget). Starting my own business has always been a dream of mine so thank you all for making that dream come true. I hope you find exactly what you are searching for :)

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